How to Become a Better You Everyday

So you have discovered that you have enormous capacity in you which can be developed.

You understand that the biggest room in the world is not owned by Bill Gates or located somewhere in Texas, on the contrary, it is the room for self improvement.

You're frustrated at how much below your capacity you seem to be operating. This frustrates you. It angers you. And good enough it has caused an agitation in your mind to become a better you.

According to Myles Munroe, the grave yard is filled with unwritten books, unsung melodies, great visions left unfulfilled, and genius brains that died dullards.

The illustration is grotesque and tragic but the sad truth is that those individuals never sought for more. To become and do more. They never sought to become better individuals and tap into their sea of unlimited potential and possibilities.

The fact that you are reading this means that you in fact want to change and become a person of excellence.

  • A person who lives life according to their own definition of success.
  • A person tapping daily and using the potential seed of greatness embedded inside of you.

So how do you become a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday?

That is the question I'll be answering in this post.

The Growth Concept

If a plant doesn't strive for sunlight, it withers away slowly and dies. Whatever you do, you must seek growth in various means and make a commitment to keep at it consistently.

Growth is not increase in size only. Growth is acquiring more knowledge than you do in whatever field you are so that you can have multitudinous avenues for application of those ideas.

Think of Thomas Edison as a good example. When asked after a series of several thousand attempts at the light bulb, by his assistant to quit the project, he replied we've learnt more ways than we knew before on how not to make a light bulb.

The moral of the story is this, growth is a process of constant learning, whether you encounter negatives in your learning. It is key to keep at it.

And growth involves a series of various elements which include the consistency and persistence to keep learning, the enthusiasm and passion that fuels curiosity, the ultimate belief that there's more to learn and the fact that learning is a life time process and not a one time event.

The Goals Concept

I have said it before that the best way to waste time would be to play in a football game without a football post for the scoring of goals. It is appalling, all the skills and fitness of the athletes will be a waste.

Matter of fact same happens when life is lived without goals, plans, purposes etc. What a life that would be. One devoid of hope, of a better future, of the accomplishment and joy that accompanies the reaching of a goal.

The plans that we have for ourselves, the goals that we set and the visions that we pursue help us evaluate ourselves in an honest manner.

If you had no goal or plan for your life how would you know if you became better today or you have become, as a matter of fact, useless to the world around you.

Daily goal setting is a habit that challenges you to become more, become better and provides renewed zest for the day. It gives you the never give up attitude and helps you focus on the now because that's all you got and neglect the past that is already lost.

Set new goals everyday and achieve them.

Repeat same tomorrow.

And when you get comfortable reaching your goals, challenge yourself and add bigger goals.

That is the spice of life and you'll discover soon that they are all goals in themselves. Big and small are just adjectives we use to classify goals and they change with time.

The Mind Concept

As Tony Robbins says we tell ourselves limiting stories and believe them. Why don't we tell ourselves empowering stories. Stories that make us more powerful, stories that inspire us, stories that stir us to act according to our potentials.

Perhaps you flunked an exam and you tell yourself that you are a failure. Perhaps you got dumped by your partner and you see yourself as undeserving of love. You have got to change the story you are telling yourself, whether it is true or not.

Because either ways if you believe the wrong story, it becomes true for you. Henry Ford a man who chose not to believe what his team of engineers told him about the impossibility of building a V8 engine said "if you think you can or you can't either ways you are right"

Like we under utilise our brain and capacity many fall prey to the lies of the mind. Nature abhors vacuum. A fallow land naturally produces weed. Same with the mind and negative thoughts.

Feed your mind with empowering stories of others about daring and inspiring feats.

Read positive materials. Stretch your mind. The Bible says that out of it flows the issues of life. Do well to guard and protect it.

Do more.
Challenge yourself.
Kick ass.
Repeat again tomorrow.
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