How to become a Person of Value

When you think of value you think worth, you think importance and you think usefulness.

You are reading this because you want to become a valuable person.

  • A person that is useful.
  • A person of worth.
  • A person of great import.

I have found out that successful people are always inevitably valuable people because they are always adding value.

  • They seek to impart value wherever they are.
  • They want to be better.
  • They want to do more.

And this character is responsible for their attitude towards life, towards themselves and their environment.

Whether it involves their personal growth, a commitment to excellence or helping the other person reach their goals, they are always on the look out for an opportunity to trade value.

Here are simple ways in which you can become a person of value.

1. Leave it Better

Never leave anything, any place or anybody the way you met it. Seek and strive to make it better. Always be on the look out for opportunities to add worth and you will find.

Every day make a conscious decision before you leave home everyday that you will add value to whatever activity or individual you meet.

When you do, the myriad of opportunities will amaze you and you will have less reasons to whine, complain and gripe about circumstances that will come your way.

2.Do a Little Extra

People of value and worth never want to leave things the way it is. They want it better and this drives them to do more than is required, the little extra that makes the difference.

A little extra might mean spending a little more time at work, or going out of your way to perform a random act of kindness and spread love to someone else or something as simple as giving a stranger a nice compliment.

Like one of my friend puts it "Do better " Never leave anything or person the same way you met them. Add value and keep going.

3.Always look for the Good

People are annoying, crazy, rude, bad, impatient. I know, love them anyway. Chances are that you've been that way too. We are all constantly evolving, becoming better or worse.

Don't judge others for you too will be judged. Once I wrote in my personal journal, always seek for the good in others. The truth is that whatever you seek you will find.

And the rewards of appreciating people and turning them to their better selves is amazing. Seek the good and you will find it. We see in others what we truly are.

4. A Dose of Positivity

The positivity rave made popular by Norman Vincent Peale in his book The Power of Positive Thinking is still ever growing.

Our brain naturally prefers to tow the path of negative thinking. We therefore have to consciously make an effort to reconstruct our mental patterns for positivity. I like the quote that says Positivity won't do anything for you, negative thinking won't either.

Positivity puts you in a better position for success and helps you get a better perspective on the issue at hand.

Read books on positive thinking, feed your mind with positive and inspiring materials. Feed your mind regularly with positivity. It will grow and reproduce positivity. Like begets like

5. Generosity as a Lifestyle

Giving makes you happy. You should do this more often. When you help others, the smile on their face and the fulfilment it leaves you produces endorphins (the chemical the brain produces that makes us feel good)

Everyday let your mantra read Just Do Good. Perform less random acts of kindness and more habitual acts of kindness and service to others.

When you do, you will tap into the power of bliss and happiness in nature.

Today choose to be the one who adds value. Commit to these tips and become a person of value.

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