This is how Big Oil will die
Seth Miller

Dumb article. This article does not give any realistic plan to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy. It’s all a pipe dream. Renewables are not even close to reliable enough, and cannot generate enough electricity to support the grid in the U.S. If someone tells you they can, then they know nothing about electricity and how it works.

“Fossil Fuels” are still needed to make plastics, rubber, wire, Electrician’s Tape, PVC Pipe, EMT Pipe, GRC pipe, Artificial limbs, combs, toilet seats, golf balls, Artificial turf, Roads, Ink, Crayons, Vaseline, Nylon, cosmetics, etc. The list is endless.

How are we going to travel farther than their electric cars allow them to?

What happens when people traveling across the country or long distances all need to recharge? Renewables can’t handle the demand to charge all those vehicles at once, or even a fraction of them.

How are they gong to get the electricity to power their electric cars? Not only do they need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a solar installation for their own home, they will need to spend the money of two battery backup systems. One to charge their car, and one to power their house at night. What about people that live in apartment buildings and don’t have their own space to install a solar array, or enough room to install the two battery backup systems? What do they do?

How are we going to power New York City for example? You would have to cover Long Island with Solar and Wind and you still wouldn’t come close to generating enough power for NYC.

How are we going to import products from overseas? Container ships are not going to install sails to sail across the friggin ocean. Electric won’t work because you would have to install tons of batteries which adds weight and will use the energy faster. What happens when it runs out of juice on the high seas?

How are they going to fly? There are no such thing as electric commercial planes.

What about the trucking industry? How are products arriving on the west coast supposed to get to the east coast and vice versa? I know they came out with an electric Semi, but what’s the cost to replace every single truck in the country? Not everyone can afford to do so.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s nice to say and think that renewables can replace fossil fuels, but the reality is they can’t. Reliability is a huge problem with renewables. If people tell you it isn’t they are lying. As things are right now, we cannot support the grid with renewables. It’s just not going to happen.

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