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Wind and Solar will never replace fossil fuels. They are expensive and unreliable. It’s ridiculous to think we are going to run the entire grid with wind and solar. It’s not going to happen.

Wind and Solar are not a practical energy source. Are people going to climb on their roof every time it snows to clear the PV panels? What about when they get dirty? The efficiency can go down 25% just from getting dusty. What about when the wind stops blowing? Are hospitals and schools supposed to shut down on rainy days?

Not to mention you need fossil fuels to manufacture and maintain all the parts for the wind turbines, and oils to lubricate the parts that keep the turbines moving. You need fossil fuels to manufacture all the parts that go into Solar. Rigid pipe and its fittings, sealtite and its fittings, Solar Panels themselves, mounting hardware, wire for the system, transfer switches, batteries (if the homeowner can afford them), the list goes on and on.

It’s not a realistic alternative to fossil fuel.

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