The 2020 Guide to Installing Mattermost Open Source for Enterprise Usecase

Deploying Highly Available, Scalable and Reliable Mattermost using AWS Lightsail, S3, and SES under 5minutes.

Suhail Cs
Suhail Cs
Mar 22 · 2 min read

Author Opinion

Mattermost can be deployed using various cloud architectures / tools ranging from simple compute instace to docker and kubernetes.

In this post, We’ll using AWS LightSail to deploy our compute and MySQL instances.

Step 1

Navigate to you AWS Lightsail Account and launch the following instances:

Instances on AWS Lightsail1. Ubuntu 18LTS OS Only--- 1vCPU and 2GB Memory ($10)Pro Tip: Reserve an IP for the Instance and point your domain to the IP. ex: / yoursubdomain.yourdomain.com2. MYSQL 5.7.28 database Instance -- High Availability Instance Recommended --- 1vCPU, 1GB Memory, and 40GB SSD ($30)Pro Tip: Don't forget to create a database when deploying the SQL Instance; For this guide we'll be using database "dbmattermost"

Important Note: remember to point your FQDN(domain) to the Static IP of your Ubuntu Instance before beginning Step 2

Step 2

To simplifies the Installation procedure, I’ve coded a simple script that automates the installation end-end.

GitHub Repo:

Now let’s get back to installing Mattermost.

SSH into your newly launched Ubuntu Instance using your favorite SSH client or the AWS Lightsail web-based SSH client.

Information you need before starting the script

1.The domain name you want to install the mattermost on (FQDN)2.MySQL Instance Endpoint3.MySQL Database Username, Password and Database Name

Run the Mattermost Installer Script

wget; sudo chmod +x; sudo ./

💣 That’s it. You’ve Successfully Installed Mattermost Open Source for your Enterprise!

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