Join! DAY 27: Uniting Generations by Photo Quilting Together

by Chioma Ike, Lagos, Nigeria, 29 July 2017

Chioma Ike

Early this year, I stumbled on an opportunity to share with the world a personal knowledge that I feel can create a positive change. Today, I’m excited to be part of Age of Wonderland’s 100 Days of Learning, a global event that leverages on building network from 100 different locations around the globe so people can speak about what matters to them as citizens of the world, share how they feel they can create a positive change, teach and learn from each other.

In the 4th week of July, I will be hosting a Day of Learning which is open to public attendance. This DAY OF LEARNING titled ReMix will be about creative learning and community mindset building through photo quilt making. Participants will be a mixture of senior citizens, adults, teens and children and they will learn how to use quilting as an inter-generational activity to build multi-level relationship, promote community togetherness and address social inclusion to re-engage people who often live and study in socially isolated pockets. Final product will be handmade quilts depicting culture and history. However, it not about the final product but about the process.

You can participate if you live in Lagos or join the conversation on Twitter. Spots are open till the first week of July, click here to register or share my page with anyone who you believe would be interested.

For more information on Age of Wonderland or 100 Days of Learning, visit:

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