The New/Old/Eternal Quest For Diversity Within The Publishing Industry

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As the tragedy of George Floyd’s death in the US triggered riots all over the globe, many industries were challenged about their record regarding inclusivity to date. Tired of stiff upper lipping the age old status quo, many professional people of colour in their fields took to communicating to gatekeepers how things, as they stand, are simply put unacceptable.

I have watched with great interest how things have unfolded within the publishing space as the bestselling novelist Dorothy Koomson penned a heartfelt letter on Twitter followed by the powerful call on the UK publishing industry from the Black Writers Guild to examine racial inequalities within its practices. …


Chioma Okereke

Virago Author. Pot Stirrer. Noting the curiosities between the bustle of London, the hustle of Nigeria and the calm of rural France.

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