Harnessing the 3-Tier System for Craft Distilleries & Wineries


Tuesday, March 8th
6pm — 7:30 pm
206 5th Ave. N
(one block from Seattle Center) Seattle, WA
Aperture Apartments Conference Room

All brands go through four major phases, and how you navigate through these phases will determine your staying power and the legacy of your brand.

Established brands, startups and dreamers are invited to tap into Chip Sellarole’s 30 years of distribution and sales knowledge.


  • How to build and manage your brand
  • Navigating the twists, dips and turns of the 3-tier system
  • When and how to choose a distributor
  • Creating healthy distributor relationships
  • Getting out of your sales rut
  • Q&A session will follow


  • With three decades of spirits and wine experience, Chip grasps the nuances of a brand’s growth and the subtleties of accelerating the process. He has worked at every level of the 3-tier system and knows how to work with it, through it, and sometimes in spite of it. See his resume on LinkedIn.
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