John Boehner

I don’t expect the Speaker to agree, but I do hope that he and other readers “listen” to these words.

I share the concerns he lists here and others he has made elsewhere. I’ve written about Iran for student audiences, so it’s impossible for me to argue that it is anything like an easy country to deal with.

But I read the geopolitical tea leaves differently in two ways.

First, the current government is quite different from the one that came to power in 1979. It makes more sense to me to strengthen its hand rather than that of the hardliners whose influence would only grow if we reject the deal.

Second, the deal is not perfect. But at the very least, it will slow down whatever nuclear program Iran has. When the agreement expires fifteen years from now, there will be next to no one left who experienced the events of 1979 as an adult. A lot can change between now and then, and accepting the agreement gives us ample opportunity to improve relations with what is, clearly, not the easiest regime in the world to work with.

Best of luck in your deliberations.

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