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Chipper Tracker
Aug 30, 2017 · 3 min read

Today we are launching Chipper on iOS. It is a new kind of activity tracker that helps you track and accomplish your long term goals (with a little help from your friends)

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Pick something you’re trying to accomplish, and quantify it. Maybe you’re trying to sleep more hours, grab more workouts, meditate more often, or read more books. We can help you do just that. You set a goal and start chipping away at it (hence where we got our name). After you create a tracker or multiple trackers, you’ll see them in your timeline, where you can quickly & easily update them on the spot.

A better way to track and achieve your goals

We looked around at many of the tracking apps out there and found many weren’t great at tracking long term goals. We believe that the journey towards accomplishing your goals is just as important as the destination itself. We make it easy to see your progress at a glance in your feed of chippers. A quick glance at your visualized data will tell you all you need to know about your habits. See a bit of a gap in your activity? Time to pick it back up!

We also want to help you understand your habits and make changes. Maybe you always stay on track by make huge leaps of progress in short bursts, but would like to be more consistent. With our tracker you can see this and focus on how you want to reach your goals

Harnessing positive social and community influence to motivate

The other critical piece for us in building Chipper, is letting our friends help us, especially when we falter.

In making the Chipper app, we wanted to harness the power of social influence to help people achieve their goals. Research has shown that publicly declaring your goals and resolutions will increase your chances of success. Many people do this by posting on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter as their form of declaration, but it all gets lost in the algorithms and streams with no follow up and no accountability. We’ve made it possible to share your goals and allow your community to continually follow your progress until you reach them.

You can share any activity with a single friend or group of friends so they can follow you and encourage you by sending ‘stars’. If you’re following someone’s chipper you can tap on the star button to give them encouragement. The more you tap, the more support you’re sending. (We also want you to be able to send them messages of support, but that’s in a future release). For now, shoot them a quick text or email to cheer, or goad them with friendly trash talk into staying on track.

Have a running club? Track and share your miles and push each other forward.

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Have a book club? Track your progress and check on your friends as to avoid accidentally sharing spoilers.

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No Game of Thrones spoilers here

This is just the beginning

We’re hoping to add more features to Chipper over time that will make it easier to use and provide more interesting data. If you have suggestions, please tweet us at @ChipperHQ

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