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I recently finished reading Born a Crime, written by Trevor Noah. Right after that, my friends told me that I should have gotten the audiobook. Trevor does the voice himself for the book. Knowing how great Trevor performs for his standing comedy, I would have to agree that is a better choice.

I started to know Trevor this year (2020). He was already famous but I just haven’t happened upon his content before. I remembered the first clip that I saw was about he took a flight during the Ebola virus spreading from Africa to America. He was being picked on during a plan inspection because he is from Africa. The situation was kind of like Chinese being picked up at the starting of the Coronavirus. He was very funny at explaining people’s thinking and reaction. I loved it so I started to watch all the available clips on Youtube and shows on Netflix. They all gave me laughter. But this book gave me more than just pieces of his life that were hilarious. …



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