Share a day with Candice, the Les Merveilleuses’ girl

Candice is a 24 years old sweet Parisian girl. She studies Journalism and is the ultimate romantic. She is Les Merveilleuses’ ideal customer and this is how a typical day goes.

8.30am: It’s Tuesday, Candice gets up and puts some music on. It is usually something soft and sweet like Bon Iver or CocoRosie. This morning she opted for a classic Cat Power, the Sea of Love.

8.45am: She puts on the last pair of jeans and a sleeveless shirt she just bought from Comptoir des Cotonniers.

8.50am: For breakfast she usually has a green tea with organic fruits and a “pain au chocolat” from her favorite bakery down the street.

9.10am: She brushes her teeth, does her hair and bang, and puts her Les Merveilleuses makeup on: some foundation, a thin eyeliner, mascara, a peach blush on her cheeks, a fair pink on her lips, and a spray of her Lolita Lempicka perfume. She gives a last caress to her cat, puts her Zizi shoes from Repetto and…. rushes to the university.

9.25am: Candice gets in the Parisian subway and opens another Tolstoy’s book, this morning it’s the death of Ivan Ilyich. She does not really pay attention to what is happening around her and prays for not arriving late for her Geopolitics class.

9.45am — 1pm: She arrives just in time. She is a very assiduous student, participates in class and takes all the notes she can. She loves what she does and really hopes to get a final internship this summer.

15pm-3pm: Candice eats a sandwich on the go and meets a couple of friends for a coffee. These girls could chat for hours about travels, books, and boys…

3pm-4pm: It’s a sunny day so she decides to head home on a Velib’ bike. She goes by an organic grocery store Bio c’ Bon to get some vegetables and gets home.

4pm-6pm: She makes some tea, answers her emails and tries to write this article due for Friday morning doing some research.

6.30pm-8pm: Candice goes to her weekly Yoga class; it helps her find inspiration and relieves her from stress. She loves taking care of herself and thinks that having a break now and then for her mind and body is essential.

8pm-9pm: She gets home and cooks some salmon with asparagus. Simple and healthy is her motto.

9pm-10.30pm: It’s time for some Netflix and Chill. She is currently watching The Paradise. A British television costume drama taking place at the end of the 19th century. It is an adaptation of Emile Zola’s Au Bonheur des Dames, one of her favorite books.

Combining romanticism, classicism, sweetness and elegance, Les Merveilleuses makeup completes perfectly Candice’s routine matching her view of beauty and femininity.

Chloé Morant

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