Buffer Scheduling Tool

I was recently introduced to Buffer, and oh how I’ve missed out over the years!

Scheduling your posts has never been easier. Buffer, which can be downloaded via iOS or Android as well as using it on your desktop, is the perfect software to schedule your posts. You have full flexibility over what you want to publish and when you want to publish it which is perfect if you don’t have free time every day of the week to manually keep your social media up to date.

Not only that, if you have something interesting or important to post immediately to multiple social media platforms, you also have that opportunity instead of having to schedule.

Source: ToolsInsight

So, lets talk more about what Buffer has to offer and what makes it stand out in comparison with other scheduling tools. Buffer is COMPLETELY FREE! You can post an unlimited amount of things to your social media for no cost what so ever.

Buffer allows you to schedule posts to Instagram, your Facebook page, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and more. Pretty much every form of social media you could wish for when having a business.

Buffer’s Main Features:

  1. The post composer is very media friendly which means you can add links, images, GIFs and even videos to your scheduled posts.
  2. You have full customisation of the scheduling time for every queued post you have created.
  3. Once your posts are published, Buffer also allows you to check the engagement such as clicks, likes, comments and shares.

That’s not even it. There are so many more reasons as to why Buffer is an awesome scheduling tool. Out of all of Buffer’s competitors, this one is by far my favourite.

Source: SocialMediaExplorer

To summarise, you need to try out Buffer right now, especially if your business relies highly on social media.

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