Chloe Geeson

“Chloe Geeson” is a teenage internet sensation,
well known for her cover videos on popular music. Chloe has released numerous covers and music since 2014, when she released her first cover “My Heart Will Go On”, which gained lots of views on which totals over 112k views and counting along with other spectacular cover songs in the week of its release.
Since, she has released over 55 additional covers and is planning to release original songs. She grew in fame and acknowledgement through her first year over the internet in 2014 because of Fandalism, and she has developed a wider and more
professional promotion of herself with an official website on Facebook, the
release of several cover songs, and numerous live concerts with a choir she
used to be in and they went live on TV in 2012 across the world for Children
In Need one of the many charities Chloe loves. Chloe plans to do more exciting things for her music career and hopes to go on tour and do an entire
concert to her loyal fan-base, one day she hopes to make the world a better place with her music.
Chloe has been singing from a toddler and hasn’t stopped since but she began writing her own original songs between the ages of 10 and 11 years old but at 12 years old her music teacher decided to teach her a thing or two on the keyboard. Chloe hopes to perform more and release more original songs, hopes to travel the world and encourage others to follow their dreams as well.

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