Insight #3

Antoine Brachet, Thinker and Maker

From Paris, France

The Insights Journey (TIJ) features one new open-minded entrepreneur or creative who is serving a mission they believe in. One meeting. One insight.

I met Antoine at the event of Switch Collective : « Pitch Your Switch ». He was one of the speaker and talked about his path, that leads him to be the creator of the movement « Les Barbares » : people carrying a shared diagnosis, which each of them expresses with its own words, according to his personal equation. Although different, these people are convinced that it’s the duty of each person to rethink the main models evolution, to favor the emergence of a positive world.

Open-minded, truthful and positive, Antoine created this movement besides his job as Business Development Director for Netvibes.

“For a long time, I had a kind of handicap which doubtless share most of people : I am a good student. I followed the “right path”. I believe to have never set of decision aligned with who I am before the age of 30. Certainly because to live what is expected is magic. It allows to live in an absolute zone of comfort. But the world is changing, and I wanted it to change for the best. So, I decided to gather people to not only think together, but also to act together. I created a movement, called “Les Barbares” (The Barbarians). I found my cause: I build with 5 000 others a future which can leave its place to the human beings. I update the pascalien bet. I make the bet of optimism.”

*insight* Change is happening. You can either cope with the consequences, or act for a cause. Find your cause and defend it, in any ways.

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