Insight #5

David Amsallem, Entrepreneur

From New York, NY

CEO Hb-Studio

The Insights Journey (TIJ) features one new open-minded entrepreneur or creative who is serving a mission they believe in. One meeting. One insight.

I met David last May in New York, where he lives. He reached out with Thomas driven by the curiosity of the project Startup Cycling. Previously founder of the startup Hey Bubble, which provides a customer service tools and widgets for small and medium businesses, David is now the founder and CEO of the digital agency HB Studio to help the new brands explore new and innovative approaches.

His open-minded and growth oriented mindset leads him to create deep conversations and mindful relationships, cement of his entrepreneurial path.

“ The journey is what drives me. The future inspires me nothing more than the curiosity to discover what I will continue to learn from life.
Entrepreneurship is a way of life. I’m not driven by the desire to change the world. This, is an ego thought. In my view, entrepreneurship is a path towards personal change. This path implies constant new learnings, trustful and equal relationships and resilience.
Entrepreneurship is like an infinite personal development, an open-door to opportunities, growth and movement. ”

*insight* Entrepreneurship is not a solution, neither a path towards freedom, money or success. Entrepreneurship starts within. It is about being so authentically yourself that who you are and what you bring to the world is the same.

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