As a mother to three young children, I am intimately familiar with the breast pump. I’ve tried four different models. I’ve pumped on airplanes, in cafe restrooms, while driving, in closets, at a Cuban hospital (to donate milk), between Gannett’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders and our board meeting, in #ANGELS bi-weekly meetings, and in Twitter’s wonderful mother’s rooms. I’ve hauled a cooler the size of a Fiat full of milk and ice through airports (until I found the delightful Milk Stork). …

Technology is rapidly and profoundly changing how we work. Platforms — from Uber to Handy to Glamsquad — impact not only how we get around and find services, but are also creating a powerful new labor market infrastructure, one that determines how and when workers earn money, find work and clients, all while collecting huge amounts of valuable data.

The changes these technologies enable are both gratifying and important. For consumers, being able to get food, transportation or services with just a few clicks can be delightful, or even a life-saver given work and family demands. …

Like many angel investors, at #Angels we strive to support our founders. We help with recruiting, make introductions to advisors, investors and customers, provide product and strategy feedback and pull in beta users. But sometimes founders need a deeper level of support in order to manage the challenges of building a company.

We recently prototyped this sort of sustenance by gathering our female founders for a “talking circle” with Gloria Steinem and Annie Leibovitz. The setting was a celebration of the North American launch of Annie’s latest work, “Women: New Portraits.” In an old airplane hangar, surrounded by Annie’s luminous and honest portraits — from Queen Elizabeth II to female miners to Caitlyn Jenner to Malala — and in the presence of these two groundbreaking entrepreneurs of social change and artistic expression, our group couldn’t stop smiling: it was so unusual to be surrounded entirely by women leaders. …

Chloe Sladden

Working on Honeycomb to serve parents and families. Founding Partner @HelloAngels. Board member @Gannett. Alum of @Twitter.

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