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What Works #4, Facebook

Posted on SEPTEMBER 12, 2016

The opening of this article was most defiantly an easy read. It grabbed my attention quickly and kept it, (for a while). I noticed myself reading and not remembering the entire paragraph in front of me. After spending time reading and rereading I completed the article.

The history of Facebook and Zuckerberg played a role in this article which helped for those people who may missed the Facebook movie from a couple years ago. I think with that brief chunk of history it helps the story stand.

Because of this huge upcoming election Facebook and its users are more active then normal. Sharing and posting their opinions in hopes to pursued their ‘Facebook friends.’

The huge graphic in the middle of the article with all the smaller screen grabs inside it are great. I think they show prime examples of what is all over everyones Facebook wall.

NYTs explained the purpose of the Facebook wall, “the news feed is designed, in Facebook’s public messaging, to “show people the stories most relevant to them”.” I think is a good quote to describe Facebook. Its goal is not to make a political stance even though its users do so.

I think the article did a great job of reaching out to a number of different people and view points. They got a range of opinions and that is always important for journalist to do, keep out the bias.

The article touched on so many topics within the main idea of this Facebook and what its doing. I think with its light -hearted ending it finished well.

My only complaint is the length. Being a college student and always having required readings I struggle with reading anything longer than a couple scrolls on my computer screen.

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