You might be able to tell by the title of this that I’ve gone on another Harry Potter Binge. If for some horrid reason you don’t know what “Riddikulus” means then I will kindly explain it to you.

The first thing you need to know is that in H.P. there is a pest of sorts that hides in dark places, it is called a “boggart”. When the boggart sees you it will immediately take form of whatever your deepest fear is. Riddikulus is a charm that is used in defence against a Boggart. It causes the creature to assume a form that is humorous to the caster, thereby counteracting the Boggart’s ability to terrorise.

Now that you all know just how much of a nerd I truly am, let me further explain my thoughts behind this post.

I’m a waitress, and tonight my very first table had five people. I was so excited when I saw how many people there were, because the tip I receive is directly proportional to how much the bill is. After seating my five customers I quickly realized that they weren’t your every day ordinary humans. All five of them seemed to be what most refer to as “mentally disabled”. All but one man seemed to be over the age of 60 with the tone of voice and dressings of 14–15 year olds. The one other man was most likely in his 20's. (I do want to add that I really have no intention of offending anyone with this description, I am just trying to give a mental picture) After getting everyone’s orders I left to go get them a bread basket. As I was coming out of the kitchen I watched one of the women at the buffet pick out her food. (She was probably my favorite of all of them, wearing a hot pink striped shirt and jean shorts covered in glitter butterflies, her completely white hair in two pigtails, AND rocking hot pink sunglasses indoors.) She looked at the dessert options, sprung up on her tiptoes, waved her hands to get her friends attentions, and announced “GUY’S! They have VANILLA PUDDING! THIS IS AWESOME!” The simple joy brought by pudding to a woman well into her sixties sent a smile right to my heart. At another point when I was checking on them, a different woman at the table asked me if we did “birthday treats”. I told her I could probably work that out. She replied “Oh good! My birthday was two Mondays ago!” I made that brownie and scoop of ice cream with the biggest grin on my face. Every time I left the table, whether I had done anything or just checked on them they showered me with a chorus of “Thank you!” ‘s. These five people lived in the kind of world I wish I could live in. Full of innocence, and the belief that refilling one drink out of five deserves a very encouraging thank you from all five people.

Here’s how I connected these five beautiful customers to “Riddikulus”

Throughout my day as a waitress I will guarantee that some customers will just scare the life out of me with the depressing manner in which they treat me for no reason. They are my Boggarts. The people like my first five customers are my “Riddikulus” spell. From now on I will hear a chorus of thank you’s every time I leave a table, whether I did anything significant or not. From now on everyone’s birthdays could have been two Mondays ago and we are still going to carry that happiness into today.

You just can’t help but look at people so different from us and know with all of your heart that God put them on this earth, and made them in such contrast to the rest of us for a reason that is easily seen in the way that they treat the people who are nothing like them. My prayer tonight is that God would continue to give me reminders in my life such as those five. That I may live in a manner that could bring the same kind of love to others who are nothing like me, as they did. That I could provide them with some sort of ammunition that they will use against their own Boggarts later.

Thank you for reading whether you liked it or not.
I hope you have a day as special as mine was today.

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