The person holding you back.

I’m a young man trying to figure out my way though this world. So I watch the news, read the headlines, and listen to people. I can’t help but think that the majority just make up excuses, and set the standard low. We know how hard it is to find a way and so we give up, excepting comfort. I see hypocrisy in almost everything I come across, especially when I’m alone and start dissecting my own thoughts. I frustrate myself thinking about all the things I could and should do. In the frustration I end up doing nothing at all. I think life is about movement, the heat is why we’re all here. So when people settle for less they freeze, slow down and die with little impact, forgotten forever.

Have you ever walked into a room with a mirror and glanced at yourself thinking “oh shit! I forgot I’m you and you are me.” Might only be me, but I seem to be waiting for something or someone to guide me to my dreams. Maybe that’s why I love sleep so much. Anyway I’m starting to realize that everyone has something to prove and that people aren’t born frozen with no purpose. We are born from the warmth of the womb, eager to conquer the world. To set the world on fire with our curiosity, but sadly the majority get extinguished. Raised to expect the cold cluelessness of comfort.

Humans are the greatest collection of matter in the entire universe. And to think that this magnificent being with infinite potential gives a single fuck about an opinion is astonishing. You see the only person holding you back is you. So move and create friction because when your gone that fire might lead the way for the next to come.