Chinese agencies sue Samsung and Oppo

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Samsung and Oppo smartphones are battling the legal actions against their phones for installing bloatware software on the phones. A lot of people have filed complained about the consumer protection agencies regarding dozens of applications that are installed on the phones.

The consumer’s protection agency released a statement saying that the smartphone manufacturers have been loading unneeded applications and software on the phone that have not been demanded or bargained by the customers. These bloatware are not even advertised.

The consumer rights watchdog analyzed the smartphone manufactured by several companies and was able to discover that Samsung and Oppo phones performed the worse and had the most number of unneeded software and apps on their system.

The regulators are hopeful that they would be able to win this historic case and set a precedent to protect the rights of the consumers in the people’s republic of china. The litigation is intended to protect the rights of the consumers and has been initiated after complaints and reports that have been filed by the customers.

The move is expected to increase the focus of the smartphone manufacturers over the demands of the customers and their priorities rather than filling their phones with bloatware and waste important storage space. Samsung and Oppo have been given a 15 days deadline to respond to the charges filed by the Consumer protection department.

Samsung has released a statement stating that we are examining the court orders in detail and would respond on the timely manner while the Oppo smartphones have not deigned to comment yet.

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