Chocomint has successfully supported Aurora Mainnet and received a grant!!

1 min readFeb 22, 2022

Hi Chocomint users. Today, we’re excited to announce that Chocomint has supported Aurora Mainnet and received a grant from Aurora and Near Foundation. This makes users possible to create NFTs on the Aurora network with no code. We will grow the ecosystem by activating NFTs on Aurora Network!

About Aurora

Aurora is an Ethereum Layer-2 built on top of NEAR Protocol. Aurora delivers 1000x lower transaction fees compared to Ethereum and sub-two-second transaction finalization. Aurora is fully interoperable with Ethereum, with ETH used as a base token and all existing Ethereum tools usable out of the box. Aurora includes the trustless Rainbow bridge, allowing for bidirectional transfers of any information from Ethereum, including ERC-20s.

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About Chocomint

Chocomint is a decentralized multi-chain NFTs platform. Currently, we provide an NFT mint tool. Even if you have no programming knowledge, you can create your own NFT easily and with less gas. It also allows for decentralized management of NFT metadata, allowing creators to create NFTs in a platform-independent.

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A decentralized multi-chain NFTs platform which has three core functions; NFT Minter, NFT Marketplace, NFT Indexer