Liqueur Chocolate Brands- Choctainyc

Choctail NYC: New York City’s Premier Handcrafted Artisan Truffle Infused with Premier Liqueurs. The ONLY adult chocolate made in New York City. Where temptation and Elegance are in Sweet Harmony

Various Chocolate Brands

Seductive Artisan Chocolate Truffles Infused with Premium Truffles Chocolates:Champagne, Vodka, Bourbon Whiskey, Grand Marnier, Cognac, Pear Brandy, Raspberry Chambord, Amaretto, Rum, Sambuca, Bailey\’s Irish Cream and Drambuie.

Handcrafted by NYC\’s leading Master Chocolatier. We are Selling for global distributors, Wholesalers, Residences, USA and International.