Why People Like Choctaw Jewelry?

Are you looking for authentic Choctaw turquoise jewelry? Exquisitely handcrafted Choctaw jewellery never fails to grab the eyes of fashion forward audience. And that is why native style and Choctaw artwork has been in rage these days. You might be familiar with different designs and styles of Choctaw turquoise jewelry and accessories, but what do you know about the people behind these masterpiece works? It will be an interesting thing to explore the history, culture and traditions of Choctaws.

Native Americans were the first indigenous people to live in North America for thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans. They cultivated plants, hunted animals, established communities and developed intricate systems of religious belief. There were a lot of tribes such as Apache, Cherokee, Choctaw, Dakota, Hopi, Navajo, Ottawa, Ute and Zuni to mention a few. They prospered on the land of North America by living in peace and harmony with the nature. But with the European invasion, things took an ugly turn. Natives were devastated by the epidemic spread of diseases that the Europeans brought with them, which included measles, smallpox and yellow fever. It was followed by slavery, massive killing and more tortures. Forced removal of indigenous people, known as ‘Trail of Tears’ remain as a tragic moment in the native american indian history. Choctaws, one of the Five Civilized Tribes were the first to walk the Trail of Tears. Currently, major population of Choctaws resides in the city of Oklahoma.

Choctaw Nation or Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma with twelve tribal districts has nearly 200,000 members. Being a federally recognised Native American tribe, the nation aims to improve the lives of its people. Choctaw nation culture is rich with unique traditions and religious practises. Not only the natives take pride in Choctaw nation culture and heritage, but they also make it a point to pass their values to the next generation.

Originally Published:Choctaw Nation Culture & History