We are excited to announce we have removed the freeze and clawback functions from the Choice Coin asset. Originally, these functions were intended to aid in the compliance process in the event Choice was diverted for malicious use. However, given recent developments in the blockchain regulatory space, we found it was more beneficial from both an asset integrity and a compliance perspective to remove these functions.

Now, Choice Coin is completely decentralized insofar as no super-user privileges exist. We believe this change will benefit the Choice Coin and Algorand networks respectively and help to ensure community trust in the Choice asset. Our software code for removing these functions has been made open source on GitHub. Moreover, we have also added a repository on GitHub specific to automating our compliance initiatives with artificial intelligence.

Choice is a voting token for autonomous organizations, which recently launched on TinyMan. Tinyman is a decentralized software supporting liquidity pools and swaps for Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs). This short post provides some early economic measurements for Choice’s launch on TinyMan. All measurements are current as of October 20, 2021 — unless otherwise indicated.

Market Metrics

Asset Price

October 6, 2021

Choice Coin is a governance asset and open source software for decentralized voting. The goal for Choice Coin is to help solve the decentralized governance problem by providing a mechanism by which decentralized organizations can vote. Choice Coin was launched to the Algorand MainNet on August 9…

The Choice Coin Network is glad to provide a roadmap for development. An overarching goal for Choice Coin moving forward is decentralization. We are aiming to decentralize the Choice asset so as to create and capture value, as well as to provide opportunity to developers and stimulate open innovation.



Algorand has had an incredible month, growing ~65.00% over the course of only 30 days. Originally founded in the year 2017 by MIT Professor and world-renowned cryptographer, Silvio Micali, just four years later — Algorand is now a $5.0 billion blockchain. The explosive and global growth of Algorand is…

Voting is a method by which collective information is processed to determine consensus, or a majority agreement. In fact, voting is important because the right to vote is the central tenant of modern democracy. Importantly, voting is an ancient tradition in human history. But not much has changed about the…

We are elated to announce the release of the Choice Coin White Paper, which is now available on GitHub (LINK). A new Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) developed specifically for governance and to encourage democratic participation, Choice Coin is a voting asset on the Algorand Blockchain. Choice Coin’s purpose is to facilitate open voting and decentralized democracy.

First, the Paper discusses assimilations of Choice Coin with Algogeneous smart contracts, which integrate artificial intelligence to sustain supply and distribute rewards. Second, the Choice Coin asset is defined, including the software code, intelligence infusions, and computational compliance. Third, processes are provided for autonomous governance with Choice Coin to reward participants, secure software for voting, and decentralize decisions.

Choice Coin is currently live on the Algorand MainNet (LINK). To learn more about Choice Coin, or how to participate in the Choice Coin Community, visit the Choice Coin website (LINK).

Choice Coin

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