Biography Writing Tips for Beginner Influencers

It’s just me in this pic. Do I have to write a caption?

It’s the year of promise and opportunity — the year to diminish fear.

Like never before, you actually believe in yourself and your ability to influence others. You are chasing your dreams with a bulldog mentality and a boatload of faith, knowing you will attain your goals.

All of a sudden, others want to hear what you know. You are being asked to speak at engagements, set up a blog or YouTube channel, and maybe even write a book.

People are approaching you with a:

“Hey! I like what you stand for and how you think. Will you speak at an event I’m hosting?”

You reply:

“Of course!”

Then, they ask you for your bio (biography).

It hits you — what should you write? Where do you start?

Below are four helpful questions to ask yourself when writing your biography:


First, think of what it is you stand for and are most passionate about. What makes you special? What is the one thing that sets you apart from others? Besides making Jesus famous, what do you have a heart for? Is it mentoring inner city youth? Helping marriages grow stronger? Showing others how to dress fashionably on a dime? Your biography should feature the one main thing you are passionate about. If you’re still clueless on what this is, think of why people are drawn to you. What issue have you successfully helped others with in the past? Or what is a challenge you’ve had to overcome, and can now help others overcome it too? Start here.


What in your past qualifies you to have a say in this issue? Let’s say you want to help people lose weight. Have you yourself lost a tremendous amount of weight? Or maybe you want to help children from the inner city. Is it because you know firsthand how hard but possible it is to grow up and thrive in this environment? Why should people listen to what you have to say? How can your story give them hope?


Be mindful of the one in charge of formatting your biography into the event program. I’ve seen long bios and bios not long enough. When in doubt, keep your biography concise and to the point. The impact of your bio is more important than the word count. 50 words is not too short for a biography of someone new to the public scene, and you can always add more as you gain experience — just like you would on a resume. You can also write two versions of your biography — a short one and an extended one that is more detailed — and have these two available to choose from.


Do you really want people to know the names of your children? Is it necessary to reveal where you work? The answers to these questions will vary from person to person, but each one should be considered carefully. Be mindful and intentional of who and what you expose. You may want to be a public figure, but you may not want that for your loved ones.


  • Leave out the I in your bio. Write in third person. Write as if another person is praising you and not your own lips! (Proverbs 27:2)
  • If you’re from a small city or lesser-known town, represent the greater city or county to help readers get a general idea of where you live. (Example: instead of stating that you reside in Los Alamitos, state that you reside in Orange County.)
  • Mention personal experiences that are relevant to the nature of the event. (Example: you’re a romance novelist who is invited to speak at a foster youth event, because you grew up in the foster system. Mention this in your bio.)
  • If you’ve ever been featured in another country, even if it was once, you can state that you are an international figure.
  • Examine the biography of your favorite author, which should be printed inside or on the back cover of his/her book. Model your biography after this example.


Below is a 65-word biography written by a beginner influencer. Her last name was omitted to protect her identity. In this bio, she states who she is, what her passion is, and how she currently executes her passion:

Brigette is a woman of God who is caring and giving to others. She has a heart for women who feel as though they are too damaged to experience love, because she has learned firsthand how God loved her through sin and misfortune. She encourages other women by serving at her church, Glory Christian Fellowship; and her local sister circle, Wives in Waiting Los Angeles.

Please let me know if this post was helpful to you, and send me a message if you need further help writing your biography!