A Few Things You Need to Know, when hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney/Lawyer

With millions of federal and state laws coupled with private corporations’ takeover of our Penal System, it is just a matter of time that even the most prudent people face arrests and some form of criminal prosecution.

The issue is how could one find a Highly Competent, Credible and Compassionate Criminal Defense Lawyer to make sure his or her constitutional rights are not violated.

The best step toward protecting your rights is to seek competent legal advice from a Criminal Defense Lawyer with a verifiable track-record of success dealing with similar crimes as yours: no matter how minor of a crime you are charged with.

Consulting with a lawyer does not mean you have to hire the lawyer! For instance, you could contact a capable criminal defense lawyer to evaluate the charges against you and the list of possible defenses at your disposal. This will give you an opportunity to appreciate the nature of the charge against you and potential consequences. If the crime charged is serious, then you should hire an experienced and ethical Criminal Defense Lawyer to represent you.

When, looking into hiring a defense lawyer you should first look into the nature of the crime charged: For instance, is it a State and/or Federal Crime? The difference between these laws and their procedures or elements of the crime could widely vary jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Please also make sure you know the difference between a defense lawyer and a public defender. A Public Defender is a lawyer who generally helps the indigent (poor) people, while a defense lawyer is referred to any criminal lawyer who defends the people versus the Government or Prosecutor.

Make sure, your Chosen Lawyer is an excellent communicator; well-experienced with a great success record defending people against similar charges as yours; make sure you do not fall for flashy marketing tactics, when they talk about their success rate or experience.

If a lawyer guarantees you successful outcome because he or she is so confident or knows the prosecutor or judge, that lawyer is incompetent; you should keep on searching.

Make sure, you read and understand your Chosen Lawyer’s representation agreement before signing it. If a lawyer tries to whitewash the agreement with statements such as; “this is our standard agreement” or asks you for a huge retaining fee, move on.

Make sure you do not associate huge fees with successful outcome. Generally, attorney fees are based on complexity of the case, experience of the lawyer and it must not be unconscionable!

Make sure to have an initial consultation with more than one competent lawyer. It is important for you to see if you can connect with your lawyer and you feel comfortable about his or her communication skills and over all approach to your legal dilemma.

As a Lawyer and founder of Chosen Lawyers, Paymon Barati-Darmian tries his best to bring some of the most successful, credible and experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers under one virtual roof. So, when you need a trustworthy and competent Criminal Defense Lawyer all you have to do is click or call upon ChosenLawyers.com and know your rights, right away!

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