How Anybody Can Start To Be Successful And Change Their Life FAST!

Success is a funny thing.

So much confusion as to what it REALLY means.

I think Earl Nightingale said it best:

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.” — Earl Nightingale

That statement changed my life. It suggests you need a ‘goal’ or an ‘ideal’.

If you are not experiencing the level of success you would like, ask yourself:

“What’s your goal?”

“What’s your ideal?”

When it comes down to it, half of success is CHOOSING.

So hard to do right? No guarantees, no help and not sure where to start.

Well, I can’t help you with picking BUT once you have chosen I can help.

What do you do once you have chosen?

Once you have chosen the one thing in the world you want to be more than anything else?

You find the BEST!

Whatever you want to do right now in your life — I bet it has been done before. Ask yourself who the BEST in your field is?

I am a HUGE fan of boxing. I could talk for hours and hours about that sport, I love it, the people in it and if I could go back I would of been a boxer.

You know what i would do?

I would go straight to Floyd Mayweather’s gym in Las Vegas, and I would watch him like a hawk. Every day I would be there, watching his routine, how he hits the bag, how hard he works and I would do my best to use him as a model of success.

As it happens I run my own coaching and consultancy company. I create online products showing people how to build and market online products and form relationships with their customers to maximize revenue.

So, the crowd I follow to help ME be the best I can are people like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Dan Kennedy, Frank Kern.

I would also like to give a special shout out to Grant Cardone — honestly — no matter what you pick you will need to know how to sell.

Grant is your guy for sales, one of the best salesman I have seen, but that is not all of it. You see, I have learnt a lot from Grant and his books but I have also got HUGE value watching the guy. Remember what I said about Mayweather above?

Well, I watch Grant Cardone everyday and there is a guy a multi-millionaire that works SO hard everyday. The guy is EVERYWHERE and is always working — and that is a guy that has millions in the bank.

To understand this more read Grant’s book The 10x Rule and if you really want a life changer check out the 10x Rule audio version MP3 — Grant reads it himself and if that doesn’t pump you up not sure what will.

Another person that has helped me is Hank Norman — if you are in the media, or want to be and want to know how to market yourself you need to check this guy out — he is a genius! He will show you how to relate to your audience, get attention and also show you the power of your opinion. Check Hank out at 2 Market Media and follow him on Twitter here.

So here is how to start your success journey…

  1. Pick. Choose what you want to be more than anything in the world. Write it down. Decide. Here is how to get started — ask this question:
“If you were a superhero what would YOUR superpower be?”

Got it.


Now, how could you USE that power to help others?

Once you have that:

2. Form your success circles.

As above, I have named some of mine, who is at the top of the field in your game.

Once you have that, simply:

3. Study the best to be the best!

Push yourself. It will be uncomfortable. You will have to push out of the comfort zone BUT it will be worth it.

Oh, and one last thing…

Start TODAY!

Good Luck and Live With Power!

To Your Success,

Chris Jones

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