How To Change Your WHOLE Life! Be Happier, Have More Self Confidence And Get More Done!

This post is as much for me as for you. It is more of a “note to self”.

Over the past 10 years I have built a business from the ground up. Still going, still moving forward and as I get to one goal I then think what is possible.

You see, I left school with not one qualification. I thought it was clever to finish school as soon as I could (16) and get a job. I did find a job too, as a dishwasher. Nothing wrong with that of course, but fast forward and I have built a business that in the last 3 years has topped 6 figures a year.

Enough about me!

“Why am I telling you all of this?”

Well, I was thinking — “How did it happen?”

Like, if you asked me what is the MAIN difference between success and failure — this would be my best answer:

“Do the shit normal people put off!”

There it is ^

Most people procrastinate and any inspiration they get is short lived.

Like being on a see-saw — you go up, you go down but nothing gets done.

I have found that if you do these 2 things I am about to outlay below it will change your WHOLE life! It did for me!

Here we go:

Goals: Set goals. Set BIG goals. Set goals that are a stretch and that you have no way of achieving, just make sure you set something you REALLY want.

For instance, got a little test for you:

“How much do you want to make a week?”



OK… no wrong answers but what you got?

I am willing to bet that figure is more based on what you THINK is possible and not what you REALLY want.

Imagine I am a genie — now… one wish — “How much do you REALLY want a week?”

Any answer is fine but I bet it is higher this time! :D

This is what Jim Rohn meant when he said:

“Work Harder On Yourself Than You Do Your Job!”

Work on YOUR limited thinking, because the truth is YOU can do anything!

Second thing:

Get Shit Done!

Make a promise to yourself everyday that you will write a list of 3 things and you will get it done.

No excuses.

Don’t be like everyone else.

Not in an aloof way — no-one is better. But, YOU, you are going to try harder and do it, you will not be stopped, you are relentless and you are the one that will win. Simple as that.

Make a promise to yourself everyday.

“I will do my workout!” — well make sure you fucking do it!

“I will do x,y,z for my work!” Make sure you get it done!

No excuses.

THIS is the difference.

THIS is how you win.

Simple, no MAGIC — just pure heart and bullheadedness.

Try these two above.

Many won’t but YOU will, I know it!


I hope this helps you. Seems overly simple but the most effective things normally do.

Let me know how you get on in the comments and Thank You for reading.

Now go get em!

To Your Success,

Chris Jones