Abraham Lithium GYYXH4 [Mulch Analysis]

Stayed up all night on the 
internet. But I don’t have to 
bifurcate in the morning, so 
that’s all right. Going to be 
forced to search for root vegetables, 

Kitchen smelt of fish yesterday 
but the postman has been electrocuted 
now. Everybody at Monsanto grew 
too many stomachs and were flung off 
a cliff for their crimes. Send no flowers.
Microwave curry for dinner.

It’s very cold and damp in this room. 
Spores all over my anime posters. 
I think Black Francis has had all of 
France Gall’s cardigans for the last 
several months.

If I had my way in this house 
I’d remove Eammon Holmes’s teeth 
from both the TV and the 
cable box and send the Queen the bill.

Where does piss go once you flush 
it away? I think of eggs as being 
mainly a Christmas thing. Feels weird 
to eat them while Radio 1 is still 

A man jumped past my window a 
week ago, shouting about hell. 
Leaflets everywhere from tosspots in 
Phoenix. We don’t want any 
e-cigarettes. Liza Goddard’s in one 
stereo channel and a smaller Liza 
Goddard’s in the left.

If I was a teacher, 
I think I’d tell the kids 
that no one knows what the 
hell they’re doing anymore 
and then I’d jump out the window
while yelling for people to 
recommend and comment on my article. 
What time is my ear syringing?

Tonght I’ll be in my shed, 
watching cartoons in the dark. 
Allen Klein had better pray 
that he gets his face thrust 
in the smallest woodchipper.

I had that Spike Milligan in the 
back of my cab once. Told me to 
fuck off.

I remember when my best friend’s 
cousin got shot in the leg, they 
pulled raspberry jam sponge out the 
wound and then they gave him some 
crisps. They had to print grey 
in the squares because there weren’t 
any pictures from Africa. They 
hadn’t come yet. Who milks the milkmen?

I love bricks, they’re bonkers aren’t they. 
Put enough of them on top of each other 
and you’ve got a house. Amazing what they 
can do nowadays. Malcolm McLaren showed me 
his palm once. It was as furry as a 
fireside rug.

What’s your favourite Jesus? Mine’s 
the purple one. I tell you, that bloke 
running the country needs to be 
swaddled in paper mache and left in an 
airing cupboard to dry. Some hope of 
that, though, eh? Some hope of
anything happening at all.