Ape Christ

the ape bathed in a hot spring
nearby was the disabled ramp
at the gallery we controlled various things
the torments of christ were displayed in slowmo
the ape went out for a paper
the ape went for a shite
this road is pedestranised
please obey traffic signals
kingston council are motherfuckers
kingston council are a shower of bastards
kingston council slap their bellies in time
slap their bellies and grin
a naked woman strolls across the road
hair swept to one side and across the road
carrying a latte in one hand
the ape slaps it away from her hand
she texts the police with her hand
the ape slaps the phone from her hand
what do you have against my hand she says
the ape says what ya got?
six six six is a number
six six six is a defrocked figure of fun
sammy davis junior cut off his head
sammy davis junior was atomised
the ape says seven seven seven is the new number
seven seven seven should be puppets
the naked woman goes to the hot spring
she says the air is too cold
but that’s the point of it all
the air is meant to be cold
i don’t like sammy davis junior she says
i don’t like bruce forsyth
i don’t like bruce springsteen she says
i don’t like bob marley
what did she have against bob marley
what did she have against reggae
she just wasn’t interested in it she didn’t hate him
let’s not go casting aspersions
elsewhere in our big blue disc
a puppet commits a crime
several dead eastern european sex workers
placed in a fibonacci spiral formation
how dare he how dare he how dare he
how come he does not understand how to spell
the ghost of a badger weeps tears of blood
the ghost of a badger urinates on a car

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