Zero-Point Energy Makes Power Pervasive & Free
Sean Everett

Free energy does not mean lots of lost jobs. Nor does it mean the collapse of the energy companies.

Free energy means very low cost heating or air conditioning for your house, it means very low cost car making, very low cost transport of food and materials. Wherever there is an energy cost, it would be slashed.

Suddenly, all that fossil fuel that we’ve been converting into humans (by making fertiliser, by driving tractors, by processing foods in factories, by transporting food from the factory to the dinner table) is no longer needed. The cost of everything plummets. And you would need a fraction of the amount of money you need today.

If this happened overnight, then you would suddenly have enough cash to buy most things you want. Boom! But it can’t happen overnight. It would take years, and the adjustment period would be an “interesting time”. Imagine the effect of a global energy monopoly….

But within a few years the world would have enough clean water to grow enough food for everyone, and what does that mean? …Enough food to produce millions and millions more humans. Oops.

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