Dumb and Dumber To: The Sufisticated Edition

The best.

This is just something I have to share with anyone who may potentially come across it. Dumb and Dumber To was bound to be a disappointment, right? It was for me. I actually thought the trailers for the movie looked great despite one major thing and I’ll get to that later. The original Dumb and Dumber is one of my favorite movies of all time. I have probably seen Dumb and Dumber as much as I have seen Star Wars (and I fucking love Star Wars). But back to Dumb and Dumber To. So the credits roll at the end of the movie and you see clips from the original and the new film side by side with this nice, nostalgia inducing song playing over it. For me it just didn’t work. The new movie had some great moments but as a whole, felt completely different. Seeing clips from each film side by side felt more insulting than anything. I was disappointed all the more because I felt like if about 30 minutes of stuff could have been cut from the movie, it would have been excellent. To be honest, much of Dumb and Dumber To was just too dumb. Some of the jokes were also just mean and/or disgusting. Harry and Lloyd aren’t jerks, at least intentionally. They are supposed to be likeable idiots. As I said already, I felt like there was a really good sequel to Dumb and Dumber inside of a longer not so great movie. Well, I spend a lot of time on a website called fanedit.org and on there I came across, Dumb and Dumber To: The Sufisticated Edition.

In my opinion, fan edits are incredible. Oh and back to Star Wars for a second… I may be wrong on this but I think we can all thank The Phantom Menace for fan edits becoming a thing to begin with. But I’ll go on about that some other time. I read the description for this fan edit of Dumb and Dumber To and the editor mentioned a lot of problems he had with the movie that matched up with mine. I wanted to see it so I sent the creator a message and he sent me a download link. Now, if you hated Dumb and Dumber To and felt like it had no redeeming qualities, then this edit won’t do anything for you. I do however believe that if this version of the film was what they released in theaters, a hell of a lot more people would have been surprised by how good the sequel to the classic actually turned out. Honestly, I was actually surprised at how well received the theatrical cut was by some movie critic types I follow on the internet. I think those people would like this fan edit all the more.

Check out these comparisons to get just a glimpse of the wonders simple editing can do!


Sufisticated Edition:

See? Now I really liked the gag of them mispronouncing words, but sacrificing it and cutting right to Lloyd spamming the doorbell is much, much better. It’s actually pretty good comedic timing if you ask me. That’s just one example of a simple cut improving things. I mentioned earlier that there was one major thing that had to be removed from the movie. It was actually in the trailers. It’s the scene I believe known as, “Lloyd finger bangs grandma”. Maybe that is funny and appropriate for some other raunchy comedy but I don’t think it fits here at all. That scene is seamlessly removed from this fan edit. Also, what is with all the cartoony stuff? i.e. blowing dust off of Lloyd’s hand after fingering grandma (oh she’s old! ha, I get it)/Lloyd’s giant nose bubble/Lloyd turning green from radiation. I know there was actually a Dumb and Dumber animated series that I never saw. Maybe some of this would have worked there but it doesn’t at all here. Anyway, you can read a list of other cuts that were made here: https://ifdb.fanedit.org/dumb-and-dumber-to-the-sufisticated-edition/

I actually made a few small changes to this fan edit myself just to match my own tastes. I thought there were a few things that should have been left in and others that should have been left out. I pretty much love Dumb and Dumber To now. It is a fun and worthy sequel to the classic. So thanks to the makers of the film for providing the fan editor, Ebumm with the materials to chisel out this fine work of art.

I have a copy of my slightly modified version of The Sufisticated Edition if anyone wants to see it. Otherwise, hop onto fanedit.org.

I like it. I like it a lot.