Words cannot hurt you.

Clearly, by your own admission then, words can hurt you. Your argument is not that “words cannot hurt you” it is this:

When words hurt you, it’s easy: just deal with it yourself – I’ve always been able to, so the same must be true for you.

You are judging others ability to extract themselves from a situation you have never been in. You are assuming there is an easy solution that, for some reason, they are just choosing not to take. You are assuming you know better about their life than they do.

You may not want to accept it, but there is inequality in our society(ies). It is demonstrably easier for certain groups to achieve success than others. And, like it or not, a white straight cis male sits statistically right at the top of the pile.

Now I don’t know what your specific life has been like. You may have had many disadvantages, or you may have had every benefit possible. But the fact of the matter is this: it would have very likely been harder for you if you had been black or gay or female or transgender, and maybe you wouldn’t be wherever you are right now.

For what it’s worth, I have enjoyed those privileges myself for the most part (although as it happens I don’t fall into the “straight” box) – and I am willing to accept the idea that maybe, as hard as everybody’s life is at times, I lucked out in a few areas. And maybe I could spare a thought for those who maybe have it harder than I do.

In most cases, I don’t think that means legislation. I don’t mean government officials bursting in with subpoenas or guns and saying “you didn’t stand up for that person, you are going to jail”.

I mean: let’s keep an open mind and help each other out when we can. Which is, not coincidentally, pretty much what I think Salsa’s original point was.

Honestly, I’m running out of energy for this discussion. I don’t know if I’ll be responding any further. Good luck with your life – I hope you find your way to a more compassionate mindset.

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