Hello, and welcome to reality.

I have, as you requested, read the pieces you linked to.

What baffles me is that, if it is so impossible to change reality, then why are you posting here at all? Why this vitriolic rant? If you are truly of the opinion that speaking out on what you believe in changes nothing then the only possible reason for your post is malice.

I am a cis white male and 100% agree with Salsa. I believe that you can influence those around you and change the path of a society by being willing to stand up and be counted, and to not quietly tolerate callous and unpleasant behaviour. That is the point I think Salsa made pretty damn clearly.

I don’t pretend I recognise every bias or privilege that affects and influences me but I do work every day to keep an open mind, and challenge myself to keep those things in check. I believe that to coexist with other people in a cohesive society, it is necessary to be tolerant, to compromise, to have compassion, to give as well as take.

You are welcome to your opinion – in my view, it is deeply misguided – but I certainly won’t be giving up on making the society I am a part of a better place and I don’t get the impression Salsa will either. Good for her.

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