What you are describing is a contract between individuals.

I too have never been a violent person – I used the physical strength example to illustrate the extreme, hypothetical case where disagreements might have to be resolved outside of any societal structure.

I am saying that it is my opinion that a society benefits from taking shared responsibility for correcting injustices. You evidently don’t believe that. But you have yet to say anything that convinces me otherwise.

I do, however, take exception to the notion that words cannot hurt you. That position is deeply dismissive of those who have suffered mental abuse. I can only assume that you are fortunate enough to never have suffered this, nor any mental illness. If you had, you would not make such a trite and misinformed statement.

“Hurt” is far more than physical pain and words and other non-violent actions can have a terrible affect on people. There is a mountain of evidence available to support this if you care to educate yourself.

I think this is maybe where the root of the disconnect here is. If you start with the assumption that “words can never hurt” then your position has logic – perhaps then it only makes sense to have societal rules and conventions over physical actions.

I am happy for you that you have lived a life so free from mental troubles that you are able to believe this is true. I am sad to say from my own experience and from taking the time to listen to other people’s experiences, that it is very much not the case in general.