Drowning in Information (Infographic)

Big Data has increased in popularity dramatically over the last few years. Do you stop to consider how much data is created and stored? How do you make sense of it all? QSR International put together the following infographic outlining that by 2022, 93% of all data in the digital universe will be unstructured. Much of this unstructured data is “human,” or non-numerical, like social media posts, emails, recorded calls, etc. Current Big Data analysis does not even consider this type of data.

It is time to forge new waters in the data science world to require more real-world impacts from data, not just a statistical output. When the human meaning behind data is absent, you run a significant risk of basing decisions and investments on information that could place you on the completely wrong course.

Storing data is expensive. Yet, the trends in corporate data are focused on collecting more and more. Millions of dollars are wasted each year on data collection and storage if inaccurate or incomplete analyses are the result. Marrying the worlds of structured and unstructured data is crucial. As the amount of data captured continues to expand, we must be willing to grow our analytical tools alongside it, distilling true insights.

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