Loving Kindness

It’s February 1, 2019, a Friday. There’s a lot to do and to take care of in a day. I’m thankful that I get the opportunity to go about the practice of doing. To go about the practice of speaking. To go about the practice of writing. To go about the practice of listing. And, to go about the practice of loving most importantly.

Cynthia Frankvoort

I think that the final practice — the practice of loving — and even more specifically the practice of loving kindness can be an overlooked component of — I know for me my day to day — and I’m sure for many people their day to day. How do we practice loving kindness? For me it’s through movement, it’s through reflection, it’s through meditation, and it’s by treating every moment of the day as an opportunity to practice loving kindness.

That means being sure to not over judge, or over criticize myself or others. It means to almost treat myself as if I were a child who is growing. To always look at myself that way and understand that no matter what I’m doing — no matter what action I’m taking — it might not be infallible.

That doing anything other than treating myself with loving kindness would be a disservice to my own development, and to my own ability tot contribute meaningfully to my own work. It would take away from my own ability to be of service to people who might ask for help. And it would take away from my ability to create the kind of communities and experiences that might inspire other people to also be loving and kind to themselves.

I think that loving kindness is one of those concepts that can be so overlooked. But when we really take stock of how brief this experience of life can be, then maybe we’ll be more receptive, more likely, to take on that approach of loving kindness. In terms of our we treat ourselves, in terms of how we treat people. In terms of how we treat any thing, any being, that we come in contact with.

Any being that we come in contact with.

It’s with that thought that I leave us today and I know that by practicing loving kindness, I’ll get to where I want to get to.