To Punish or Reward the Big Few
Spark Foundry Digital

While valid points all. To dig a little deeper: While I’m never a fan of one company being ‘judge, jury and executioner’, a key component here is simply the sheer mass (and capability) of the closed loop connectivity (at a 1st party level) between devices, users, their data points and how to reach, track and engage ‘real people’ at a scale others cannot.

EG: The social interaction, intent data, discovery data, viewing data, X data , Y data and Z data etc that Facebook and Google (not so much Twitter (sorry TWTR) have is fantastical if you take not just their own products but what they are doing with Atlas, Doubleclick etc to reach ‘outside’ of their gardens. Truly, it is just so ridiculously valuable at not just ‘buying media’ but proving and demonstrating the detail at an attribution level (again, on a ‘1st party’ level); no-one can (or should) avoid them for some time. Note: I do not own shares in either company but should have ;). Follow me on @chrisbrinkworth.