A week in Berlin Meetups, 29th April

I go to a lot of meetups. I enjoy meeting people, hearing what they’re working on and being exposed to new ideas. Writing something about every talk I see each week would take a long time, so instead I will just tell you who I saw, what they spoke about and what you can do to find out more.

Deal? There may be a little opinion no and then, but this will mostly be about just telling you who’s out there in Berlin and what they’re working on.

Let’s begin.

Monday 25th — Learn from Games Writers with Write the Docs

Ok, this is actually a meetup I run, but this doesn’t happen that often. This meetup is for technical writers and this session we kicked off a series of talks from writers who work in related fields. On Monday night was Jason Durall who writes computer games for BigPoint by day and writes (successful) role playing game supplements in his spare time. Jason spoke at length about the techniques and methods both industries use to create their products and gave lots of advice for those wanting to learn more about working in the industries.

WTD Berlin Meetup

Tuesday 26th — Postgres, present and future with NewStore Tech Talks

I have been increasingly interested in Postgres as it manages to keep old school database lovers happy whilst adding enough new features on each release to keep those thinking of switching to NoSQL options satisfied. Craig Kerstiens was in town from Heroku to give a talk about the new features coming in 9.6 and gave a solid talk that people at all experience levels could follow. Great meetup, only spoiled by a very poor showing from attendees who had rspved, but not shown up. Bad form everyone and read my meetup etiquette rules ten times as punishment.

NewStore Tech Talks Meetup

Wednesday 27th — Android Developer Meetup

Tonight hosted by Sound Cloud, the GDG Android group had two talks. The first was from members of the Sound Cloud team who discussed LightCycle a utility library that helps Android developers break code out of Activities and Fragment classes into small, self-contained components called Lifecyles. Second were Caroline Smith and Lydia Selimalhigazi talking about how mobile developers and UX design can work better together.

GDG Android Meetup

Thursday 28th — Strange Group

I love the concept of ‘Strange Group’ and have been intending to attend for some time. It’s a group that focuses on emerging, alternative and ‘out there’ technologies. Tonight Ryan Levick covered recreating an 8-bit console called the Chip-8 in Rust, because, why not. And Matt Patterson spoke about his experiences at Tape.tv and how they wrangle the esoteric XML formats the music industry insists on feeding them. Fun crowd too.

Strange Group Berlin

Chinch out and see you around, I’ll be the one with a beer in my paws. xx