Weekly Squeak, 18th September — Maximum Linkage

This has been a week of me appearing at meetups rather than attending, and I must admit, when I present, I tend to forget what else happened. More of an adrenaline rush than egotism. I hope.

I delivered an Ignite talk about technology in board games, which went well, but I think the Ignite format lends itself more to ‘inspirational’ style talks. I also appeared on a panel recapping new products from IFA, and added sufficient journalistic realism. I think.

Aside from that I had a more relaxed week, spending evenings at home, playing D&D and saving my energy and money for this weeks Write the Docs conference.

This means I have no main discussion topic in this post, but instead, more links that have interested me throughout the week.

Links of the Week

Why Silicon Valley is all wrong about Apple’s AirPods delves deeper into my thoughts last week, pointing out some more crucial moments in Apple history that shows they have been far less of a computer company since the early 00s.

I found ‘Dreadnoughts of the trenches’: ​100 years since tanks first appeared on the battlefield interesting as the early 20th Century really was a watershed moment in where old technology met new, and the emergence of tanks and Airplanes is a moment that highlights that.

I worry about the next decade in Europe, and this article on Miloš Zeman: the hardline Czech leader fanning hostility to refugees covers the attitudes of a leader I had not heard of, but adds to that worry.

I have covered some aspects of Blockchain technology, but only touched lightly on its usage in governance. I Became a Citizen of Bitnation, a Blockchain-Powered Virtual Nation. Now What? added topics to an already forming article idea in my mind.

As a dual British citizen I am often fascinated by how much of its own history it successfully avoids. Britain’s secret wars added more ammunition (excuse the pun) to this.

Chinch out xx