Why Investors Should Give Back to the Community

by Chris D. Redd

An important part of achieving success as an investor in the modern world is identifying what people need and don’t have and then working towards delivering exactly what they are looking for. People will respond positively to anything that makes their lives easier. They voice their opinions through their wallets, and the money they spend can make your investment pay off over time. You also have to act in kind and find ways to give back. The richest people in the world make it a point to give back from time to time, and you should take a page from their book and give back as well.

Here are some reasons why you should give back to the community:

· By helping people, you are improving lives. This will be great for your reputation and help you earn respect in the community. This is particularly important if you are targeting the local market as an investor. The people you help will in turn be willing to help you as well, enabling you to attract more people to your venture, and hence move ahead on the road to success.

· You can improve the community as a whole. Granted, your contribution will be small in the grander scheme of things, but even a small difference can lead to a major change. You can reach out to children and youth in the community and provide them avenues to show their talents or perhaps learn more about the things they are interested in. For instance, you can hold sessions where you talk to young people about the importance of being ambitious and why they should work hard to be as successful as you.

· You can generate a tremendous amount of goodwill in the community by giving back. If you are seeking partners for a venture, it will be easier if you have a good standing in the local community. You can finally bring an idea that has been gestating for a long time to fruition with the support you are able to generate by leveraging the goodwill you are generating.

· You can build your network by being altruistic. When you give back, you get in touch with more people than you normally would, being an investor. This opens doors to more opportunities than you would be aware of otherwise. You can continue building your network and get more connections. All this networking comes in handy when you are planning your next project. Moreover, you might even stumble across the ideal investment opportunity that you have been waiting for.

The current political and economic climate doesn’t offer much hope to people around the country. By doing your bit and giving back to the community, you can offer a semblance of hope to the people around you. And these are just the tangible benefits you will derive from the experience. You will also feel great by giving back, because you will realize that you are making a positive change towards making the world a better place.

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