12 thoughts for 24 hours

A few things I’ve noticed over the last 24 hours that seem to be sitting in my mind:

  1. In the last month or so I’ve either revealed, confronted, shared, or attacked people on Medium for being fraudulent, liars or thieves. In most cases, I would consider myself having come out on top or a “winner”.
  2. These occurrences can only be considered positive despite their negative undertone if the purpose of the action is positive.
  3. Despite revealing the world to people who seemingly care to know when they’re being screwed, they don’t care.
  4. Every interaction you have in life, negative or otherwise, is a learning experience.
  5. Cheating the system isn’t considered cheating the system if it works, it’s then called a hack/tip/trick/hint/story/move.
  6. No matter what you think you know, there is always more information somewhere which will change your perspective on the situation in question.
  7. Friction is normal.
  8. Mathematically, you can be the worst person in the world and you’ll still have enough people who will support you to capitalize/monetize and treat it like a business.
  9. Success has nothing to do with success, so much as it has to do with how far or fast you’re getting somewhere compared to everyone else relative to you.
  10. People want to be sold, sold to, and told how to sell. I don’t care what they say, it’s true.
  11. There is a sucker born every minute? More like 1800. There are 1800 new internet users per minute. 1800 new adults per minute. 1800 new everything during every stage.
  12. Nothing is original these days depending how far you want to dissect and connect. If you look too close, you eventually squint.

And that’s all really. There is a lot of story behind all of this, but this has been the most revealing and least cynical way for me to share something with you.