I will fill in my answers to the rest of the question

1) immediate action

By the time I finished this book i will:

a) get my shit together

b) be a better life coach

c) learn stuff I can teach people

d) know enough about this that I won’t need to reference as often

2) ring the changes

today I will be:

a) more mindful

b) more aware

c) more assertive

d) more decisive

3) Plan of attack

todays opportunities for change are:

a) reading the book and learning from it.

b) writing something for the online community

4) Prioritize

listicle, top down.

a) learn things

b) teach things

5) Say yes —

to things that help you achieve any of the above

6) Say no —

to anything that stunts you from achieving the above

7) begin with the end in mind

My greatest achievement will be:

having gone through the CADs Academy process with the first book

My biggest change :

the amount of awesome I am

greatest benefit of this book :

the practical guide

Originally published in the CADs Academy membership area

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