Everyone sucks and here is why

Because we’re consumers..

I can appreciate that Medium has more than one type of reader. You might be the person who is simply looking for articles to read but, you may also be the community person who’s looking for the backstory too. For this reason, I want to share some backstory to begin. Look below the chapter cut lines for the main blurb.

Ok, so the first thing to catch you up, is to let you know that I follow a guy named Yann Girard. If you’ve read any of my stuff and like it, Yann and I are similar. You should check him out, it’d take 2 minutes.

Now Yann had written a story called “Everything Sucks” on December 18th. There was a whole uproar about CamMi Pham’s recent post “You will always suck at what you do until you do this” a week later because the first line, and most of the post was so similar it had to be a copy if not 100% inspirational-ly.

Anyways, a few people wrote about it and hummed about Medium and how it’s broken, how CamMi isn’t a nice person and when all was said and done, Yann invited CamMi to his Podcast because he is a badass.

I wrote about it in “Does this suck?”, which was half about me complaining about CamMi and half about double standards and life being unfair however, halfway through the post I ended up realizing something.

I decided to ask myself what it would have taken for me not to be pissed at CamMi. Aside from the numerous interactions that piss me off about her, it would have been just fine with me had she mentioned Yann in her post before stealing his work,

Look, we’re not all perfect, nor do we need to be. The dynamism of life is what makes it interesting and all we can hope is that people learn and move forward. I’m trying. After this realization, at the bottom of that story, I said I was going to write another one just like they did.

This is it

You suck and so does everyone else

Everyone sucks. No really. Even people like Tony Robbins and Bill Gates and Google Suck. We say it all the time.

It’s not just about their first 100 blogs posts sucking, it’s about every decision they make that someone doesn’t agree with, sucking. You see, when you’re comparing yourself against something you think doesn’t suck, and/or you don’t know how to appreciate your own work, it’s all going to suck.

Your last blog post will suck

Your first 1 million in revenue will suck

Building the next Walmart will suck

Working your whole life at something you like to support your family that you love will suck

If you don’t know how to appreciate what you’re doing!

I, 100%, fully understand that Yann and CamMi were not trying to tell you that you suck. They were trying to let people with a potentially negative view in on a little secret, one that would help them realize that their own opinions of sucking are normal.

Now I’m not here to dispute Yann and CamMi, but who would I be (Considering how much slack I give people who write what they read) if I just made the same post. Instead, I want to give you an alternative.

This isn’t meant to be a feel good post either. I’m not telling you that your work doesn’t suck, or how Tony can wake up and feel that things he’s accomplished suck- so you can feel better about being human; It’s meant to tell you that maybe we’re just simply too advanced as a consumer for the content we’re creating.

I promise you that there is someone on this planet who thinks you’re the next best thing from sliced bread. The fact that you think your blog post sucks means that your opinion is subjective. Get over it. Understand that you can always be critical of yourself if you want, which helps you grow (The base concept of Yann’s Story), but you can also decide that your first 100 blog posts don’t suck and you’ve simply seen better content before.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of. So get out there and write your first awesome blog posts, just don’t read them? Heh.

So what do you think? Have I redeemed myself even a little? I like how I took a different look at the post. What do you think of the moral of the story?

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