I find it interesting just how much shit is out there telling us what to do and how to do it for best results but no one is doing a damn thing. We all just sit here looking for the 110% best fitness program but never start one. We all hear how fantastic our lives will be with exercise, meditation and the power of attraction or positivity, yet we all go home after work to eat KD and watch youtube.

Seriously, are we all fucking nuts or does this shit actually not work? I mean, in such a politically correct, fact only, science driven world run by tasks management and listicles, you’d think we’d all be perfectly healthy rich robots by now.

Even this fucking post, another mindless amount of negative bitching I’m doing, but this time because I’m following the rules. The new rules. The rules that tell me I need to speak my mind and grow forward, don’t fear failure, and be confident in my personal brand.

So fine, I’ll start sentences with the worst so, because I don’t need you to tell me I’m a writer.. I read online that writers are people who write, and I’ve written this and two books.

Hrm. The edge wore off. Bye.