If you don’t understand snapchat, it won’t stop growing and wait for you. Its boom is scheduled for 2016

Seriously, let’s get a few easy to explain things out of the way now and save the pain later.

Do you feel like more has been said about snap lately and you’re somewhat out of the loop? I’ll help fill you in. This is from the perspective of a guy who didn’t realize he was getting older, but being faced with trying to understand snapchat, suddenly, I’m a dinosaur.

The first thing that you’re encountering is the odd buttons and stuff in snapchat. I still barely have the hang of it. And what is the point of another application that forces people to fall into a pattern that’s already available with Facebook, Vine, Instagram and all the rest?

That question is the reason you don’t get it, because you don’t get people.

The demo for Snap is 13–18 but that’s changing. Some big names are starting to push it because they need it to be a common house hold name for it to work. Why do they want it to work, when there are other options? Specifically because it forces people into these tight little niche markets.

There are two reasons why you’re hanging around and it’s either to consume or to create, so lets cover those. The first is obviously if you are a consumer. You would click the app and see your own ugly mug.

how do I make this smaller!!?

yeah.. that’s me LOL

This is annoying because you don’t want to make videos or pictures. Swipe down! You’ll get this screen, with the yellow dotted square thing.

This isn’t any more useful. This is the add a friend menu, I call it. You swipe up and down to open and close it. when you’re trying to add people, this is a good way to find your user name. Mine is epixtome.

Snap is pretty cool though, that image acts as a QR code and you can add people using it. Don’t know what QR codes are? Ignore what I just said.

Ok, swipe up to get rid of that and swipe from right to left this time. Now you’re going to get a list of stories from people you follow.

The thing that I learned which is the most useful is how recent updates are only from the LAST viewing to now. The “All stories” is the last 24 hours (I think 24?) of the person you’re clicking.

Basically this means that you can “pause” the snapchat story you’re watching and resume from the recent updates line.

So the way it works is obvious right..? People add each other and send video and pictures. But why do I keep saying story? It’s a feature where you add to your story and anyone who follows you will be able to see it, without having to add everyone on your list, one by one.

So this is the basics of how to consume. On the top is your “add a friend” pane. on the right side of the main window is your “view port” where you watch stuff and receive stories.

Now, swipe from left to right, twice. You’ll be on the left pane of the app. Enter, the friends chat

From here, you’ll see the people you’ve added who you’ve either sent or received a direct snap from. This is NOT the stories, it’s the individual snaps.

If you know Tai, I’m sad to inform you that he and I are not friends! I wish, right…?

And that’s the last pane. You now know how to use snapchat. Send loads of dick pics to your friends because the image gets deleted in 24 hours.. or dont, because you respect yourself and your friends and realize that people can take a picture of their phone screen… How awkward.

Now, if you’re the content creator, are you trying to figure out why you’d go through all the trouble of sending a story to a list of people that is VERY hard to build since they all have to add you individually, from their phone, with your user name?

Because! Exactly that. It’s a proprietary list of very real, engaged, content hungry fans. You can take pictures and video from anywhere, mass distribute with minimal clicks and the content is “real time” because it’s deleted.

There are going to be very few popular brands. Each one will have only dedicated fans. And this is extremely high quality space for advertisers and product placement.

Want to learn where I’m getting most of my insight and understanding from? Check out this post by https://medium.com/@jason

He has a pretty good idea what is going on. Don’t trust us? Do a Medium search for snapchat and read those titles! https://medium.com/search?q=snapchat

Ok, last but not least, I want to give you practical. Thanks for sticking around this long.. I’m creating a media company for personal development, CADs Academy. One path I’m taking is having written a book. It’s 400 pages long and available as a draft, pre-release on gumroad.

The reason I’m telling you this is because I’ll be using snapchat to share my personality for self-help. All of my secret stuff, tips for living life to the fullest, book release info, and everything else I can offer will be on snap first. It’ll become the way I chronicle my day.

At the end of the week, my snapstory will be added to YouTube. A weekly video about 20 minutes long about the entire daily struggle and hustle of doing what I do. That’s how I plan on using snapchat.

Mark my words, anyone who wants in on self-help on snapchat is going to be interested in creators with a following, similar to how I’m building mine. Authors and other creators are going to be dying to have a change to be in a time-sensitive, limited view, high engagement stage like my snapchat stories.

You already know what to do. If you think this story makes sense, comment or hit that ❤.

Now, go get on snap and make some magic!!

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