It’s great that I’m going to write and I have some goals set but I cannot stop here and think that’s good enough. Listening to the audio books, it’s clear that people often see hard work, products and a long term vision as necessary for success.

Ok, so here are some thing I need to answer. I wrote them all down quickly from my head and now I’ll write inside them. I suggest you take the time to answer the questions too.

  1. What do I like
    I like gaming, reading and listening, watching YouTube, learning, teaching, coaching, solving problems, building things, thinking about hard subjects, testing myself, overcoming objectives and objections, learning about myself. I like self-help material, personal development, science, technology. I enjoy talking about social issues and sharing my opinion.
  2. What can I do forever
    I could spend an infinite amount of time searching the web for information to consume in the field of personal development.
  3. What do people need
    Do you mean, what do people need based on the stuff I like doing? Well, people need to have information to expand their minds. They need new authors and ways of hearing, listening and consuming content. They need people to share different ways of getting to the same place. They need competitors to create a highly quality field of interest. People need to have their problems solved. People need mentors and coaches. People need a friend. And they need people to communicate with.
  4. Of those things, which are fun
    Well I think if you’re into having those conversations, all of this is fun. But maybe traditionally fun is the question. I don’t think any of this stuff is traditionally fun. I think people would get quite a kick out of funny things, but I’m not a funny guy in this way.
  5. Intersect fun and useful with your passion
    What I think is useful is books and writing and courses and videos sharing and teaching things to people. I’m not sure there is a fun aspect to it. I suppose in some weird way, people who like to learn would think it’s fun. So I’ve got to find a good way to deliver content that people like to consume.
  6. What is the ideal of something larger than you and a million people
    Larger than me and a million people would be a personal development network. Something like Gaia where I create and distribute media, as well as sell products and services that coincide with the material. In this way, I’d say something along the lines of a “self studies” secondary academy. I originally named it CADs Academy, where people would register and/or purchase and participate in classes that seek to help you develop yourself. The school that teaches real life stuff which today’s school rarely do.
  7. How are you going to get there
    I think the best way to get there is to create the content. Fact of the matter is simply that if I don’t have material and go about changing even 1 life the way I want to change 1 million and 1, then I’m not really setting myself up for what I want to become. Start now and create for 1.
  8. break it down into pieces and look at it from smaller objectives
    Well I just said it. Even this post could be treated as a micro-course, explaining to people how to question themselves and develop a thought.
  9. of your giant list, find out the ideas, goals and actions
    Ok, first thing is to create a Udemy course. Then I’ll create another one. Then I’ll write a book. Then turn the book into a course. Then market them. Then blog about them. I’ll be doing more than I am now and the rest will become clear as I move forward.
  10. ok, now which one is the lead domino?
    Creating the first piece of paid content
  11. What one thing would help you get everything you need
    A few nights to burst out a course
  12. Are the goals large enough
    Right now yes. I mean, why not make 1000 courses. That’s big!
  13. if you get 10% of the goal, is it enough?
    100 courses would be awesome, so yes.
  14. How much work will you need to put in to get these goals. Now understand it’s ten times more.
    I think I would need 1 week to make a course. So I really need 2.5 months. Which means I could make 10 courses a year, or 100 in 10 years. If I made 100 courses in 10 years, would I be able to life off this? Well according to the information I’m reading, people who have 1 course per month over a 6 month period can start to see income. We’re likely talking about 10–100 sales a month. Of those sales is the item is discounted by 50% and was, say, $49.99, I’ll get somewhere around $12.00 per sale. Ten sales at 12 bucks is 120 a month; stick a zero for $1200 a month if there is great execution.
  15. How much work do you need to do per day? Ok, so now, do that every day.
    If a course is 10 hours long, I suspect it would take 10 times that in production. 100 hours is 3 hours a day for a month. That’s A LOT of time.
  16. How much of what you need to do can be done by someone else?
    I suppose once I get started the rest will become easier. I could have other people write my content and edit video. I could do it myself too and have sales help me find the next subject and content.
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