Blogging isn’t defined by what you write on said blog
“Imagine for a second that I’ve got a blog with 100 posts and they all link out to books I’ve…
Linda Caroll

Linda, this was exactly my point. I don’t want you thinking that I disagree with you and I certainly don’t appreciate you implying that my opinion was uneducated, not that opinions need to be educated or not, but thanks.

I specifically commented on how you and Yann, in my eyes, were not talking about the “same” blogging. You then proceed here by confirming this, saying that blogging isn’t solely what you write.

Unless Yann comes in here and clarifies to what extent he was using the word blog to represent his ideal, I’m actually not talking about whether blogs make money or not.

Despite the fact that I gave names of people who blog and don’t make money from blogging, again, referring to it solely as writing, doesn’t mean I’m wrong or uneducated. It just means I was taking a different direction of discussing a matter, rather than pinning one point against another.

I think what you’re talking about and what Yann is talking about are two different things. And I’m treating them as such. Again, until Yann clarifies, he’s right in his own mind. Sitting and writing a blog without any hustle, without communication, without context, without affiliate links, without other resources, is dead.

On, some other hand, not “The other” hand, you’re also right. Blogging, as referred to as a complete package of potential to produce content and context, is NOT dead. Otherwise, why would anyone be on the internet, right?

I’ll admit, this is likely going to be my last response to this, because I feel as if you think I took sides and this was not my intention.

I feel that I was trying to show what could have been a perspective that Yann was taking and how I felt he was right in his own mind; and because I mistakenly gave you an example that you thought was an argument, you came back with a reply I don’t feel was warranted and now I’m feeling emotional.

You talking about

  1. Eeducated vs uneducated opinions
  2. asking me if I read Yann post (when I clearly did)
  3. Making judgments that Yann has never made a cent with his blog
  4. and quoting 20 years of experience to quantify how correct you are

are very presumptuous and not at all polite.

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