Are spammers exploiting Medium’s Post Promotion Algorithm?
Arin Basu

One of the things that I think is missing from this conversation in general is the assumption that when something goes public it becomes much harder to please everyone with a “front page”.

At this point, Medium has become a place where I search for subjects and topics that I enjoy and my reading list has become phenomenally better and improved a thousand percent.

The problem is that it takes a few extra clicks to get the better content. On the other hand, this allows me to find the content that I’m looking for, then follow the people that I think are the type of author I want to stay attached to.

If their content is good enough that I think they deserve public kudos, I recommend. In fact, that’s exactly what the word implies. It’s not a “like” button, it’s a recommendation for wider viewership and maybe the attention from a publication.

Aside from that, I think the Medium front page it garbage. But I found my solution.

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